EU Immigration betrayal. Corbyn. Liberals' silence on rape gangs.

Jon Gaunt is raging and says forget about Brexit Secretary David Davies feeling poorly on the BBC Marr show , Jon needs a sick bucket over the way the Establishment are betraying the UK public over the EU. 

Gaunty quotes Migrationwatch's Alp Mehmet about the fact that freedom of movement will continue for another 3 years. This is not what we voted for in the referendum.

Jon also has a pop at Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and his refusal for six years to say sorry  over an anti semite mural that he had endorsed. Gaunty says Corbyn is not fit for public office let alone to be the Prime mInister.

Jon also calls for everyone to sign the petition demanding that Brittany Pettibone, Martin Selner and Lauren Southerne should be allowed into the UK.

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if eu is so great why would eu citizen want to come to this country especially as we are leaving eu