EXCLUSIVE: Raheem Kassam reveals the Islamist "No-go-zones" in the UK!

Parts of many European towns and cities are fast becoming Islamist "No-go-zones", where sharia law is the norm, FGM is allowed, and locals are told not to mix with non-Muslims! From Brussels, to Vienna, to Rotherham, are we seeing the creeping Islamisation of Europe? That's what Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam says. He's got a brilliant new book out, based on his own travels, called "No Go Zones: How Sharia Law is spreading to America". I interviewed him and he says the future is bleak! Buy his book here and support him.

Immigration is the top priority from Brexit for Brits, so why is our government doing nothing to curb the numbers? What would top immigration lawyer Harjap Bhangal do if he was put in charge of Britain's Brexit immigration strategy? Have a listen and find out!

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Omg, how scary was that to listen to what is to become of our children, what legacy are we leaving our children?

Poor old Carl. Get a life dude

Im all over it tommorow, going to finish douglas murrays while im waiting, christ between those two and tommy robinsins book i have'nt read so much since i was in school

Raheem absolutely bang on the money as always, so informative and articulate in putting the point over, i think some of us already know what he said was the truth and these places have been simmering with hatred to us for years by being so insular and things are only going to get worse the more there are,

Always a good interview with Raheem. I've just pre-ordered the book.