Farage, Batten, Robinson and May

Jon Gaunt can not quite believe some of the foul abuse that has been directed at Nigel Farage over his spat with Gerard Batten about Tommy Robinson.

Some idiots seem to think that Nigel Farage is now the enemy not the Establishment and the Globalists who want to deny us our right to leave the EU.

For the record Jon can see the argument from both sides but feels that this spat is overshadowing the real fight which has to be the  removal of Theresa May and her terrible Brexit deal. Everything else is secondary.

Jon is pleading with people to not fall into the Establishment trap by using foul language and fighting amongst themselves as they will just fulfil the narrative that the Left always want to spin that anyone on the right who believes in a Nation State is  a knuckle dragging racist.

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Arise, (Sir) Nigel Farage.

Nigel FArage deserves a knighthood for his services to Brexit and the new independence of United Kingdom. A great man of our times!

Stephen Alden, Billericay, Essex.

Keep up the good works and continue with your efforts to provide an alternative news service for the United Kingdom. Thanks for keeping the Home of Free Speech alive and well in our Great country.

Another well-informed and entertaining podcast, Jon.

Jon,loving your work & I agree about the Nigel v tommy debate but please listen up,Islam is a DIRECT threat to the British way of life & you need to delve deeper,the abuse went unchecked for 30yrs because of Labours fear of upsetting that community & they new it,most Muslims do want sharia & are told every day that they are the chosen ones & must establish the caliphate,why do you think the blasphemy laws are in place??sharpen up Jon,they want this country & your asleep on the issue