Fast food lies and Russian nonsense.

Jon's best mate, Sean was refused entry to a McDonalds as he had his guide dog with him! Jon is disgusted by this blatant prejudice and even more disgusted when the Junk food chain offered him compensation of a burger! 

Jon is saying the we should boycott McDonalds until they give a proper apology and a large donation to a Guide dog charity . Do you agree?

Jon is also up in arms with Coca Cola who are flooding Twitter and Facebook with adverts. Coke contains over 35 grams of sugar when the Government guidelines say we should consume no more than 30 a day and they are marketing this poison at kids! Jon wants full sugar coke banned. Do you agree?

Then Jon talks about the bizarre interview with the 2 alleged assassins in the Skripal case. Jon thought their story was mad and probably untrue but he asks you do you believe Theresa May's narrative either? The whole thing is a diversion from the Brexit betrayal.

Then Jon has a right good rant about the Operation Fear Mark 2 that is now in full swing. Stories of passports, driving licences and mobile phones not working in a post no deal scenario are just nonsense.

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