For God's sake, Theresa May, resign now!

Theresa May gambled with our country's Brexit negotiations to secure her leadership and lost, now she must resign! The Tories have come out of the election as the largest party, but with no majority they're now doing a dodgy deal with the DUP! We didn't vote for a backdoor deal to keep Theresa May in Number 10, I want her out so we can have a proper Brexiteer to negotiate with Brussels!
UKIP are now an irrelevance, and the party are doomed without Farage! Paul Nuttall's party were thrashed everywhere in the country, and Paul came third in the seat of Boston and Skegness. I spoke to Westmonster founder Michael Heaver about a bad night for UKIP. and where the country goes from here.
Is Gaunty going socialist? I wound a lot of you up today after I said that I voted Labour. I've made it very clear, this wasn't about being left wing or right wing, this was about a protest vote against an arrogant and out of touch Tory Prime Minister who took our votes for granted! A lot of my listeners didn't seem to get that though, and I had a few fiery phone calls!
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I don't like her and never will as I'll never forgive her for what she failed to do as Home Secretary.
She had the chance to have a good mandate, not revert to type and be mean and nasty to the middle classes.
If she had listened to what the public wanted she would have won with a huge majority but she blew it.
She hid and performed terribly so must be replaced

I think you are being hypocritical. When Trump was democratically elected you said America should stand with him. I personally would like May to step down & BoJo to become PM.