Forget Jamie Carragher. Vince Cable, May, Antifa and MSM are spitting on all of us.

Forget the disgusting actions of Liverpool Footballer Jamie Carragher who spat at a fan. Instead focus more on how the Establishment Elite, led by Theresa May and idiots like Cable, aided and abetted by the  controlled MSM are defecating on the UK population. 

Vince Cable is outrageous to call all of those who voted for Brexit racist and he shows real contempt for the British people. However he is not alone according to Gaunty as the whole elite do not want us to leave the EU.

Jon Gaunt links this attitude to the way that the Elite and the BBC and the Main Stream Media also refuse to talk about the election in Italy and the Telford Muslim rape gangs.

The UK has hit new depths this weekend by detaining Brittany Petttibone and Martin Selner on Orwellian Thought Crimes. It seems as if Free Speech, especially if it is of the Right, is now banned in the UK. Gaunty cites the banning of Lauren Southern, Michael Savage and other Conservative voices to support his view. He also talks about the attack on Tommy Robinson by Antifa thugs.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister is dithering over the nerve gas attack in Salisbury and attacking Putin and Russia. These are all diversion tactics according to Jon to avoid talking about the real issues affecting the UK.

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In Northampton a mans death was due to overcrowding and under resourced of Northampton General Hospital.
No one is listening to the general public and the people at the coal face doing the job in NHS

Good to have you back! Missed your individual unbiased straightforward opinions. Hope you make it a regular thing again. Just when I got everyone to listen to you. You had a break. Looking forward to more of your shows.
All the best
David Nicholls

bugger it I was in a meeting and missed the start. Listen to you on the way home Jon.

Are the lads still with you John ?

This country is a police state .