Forget Self serving M.P's we will fix Broken Britain.

Jon Gaunt refuses to talk about the non news of Brexit or the Labour Party Conference and instead discusses how we the people could fix Broken Britain.

He applauds the work of Meghan Markle and her work with the Grenfell Tower community kitchen and urges his listeners to buy their cook book, Together.

He sees their work as a symbol of where we have gone wrong in modern Britain. We have lost our sense of community and even family. It is obvious we can not rely on politicians to listen to our concerns and act on them so we have to all do our bit to rebuild our society.

Jon is not sure if he is suffering from smelling the fumes off his new carpet or if he is becoming a bit of a hippy but he sure knows that something has got to change in both his own life and in the communities of the UK.

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