Forget the snow we are living in Snowflake UK!

So a bit of snow and the UK shudders and shivers to a halt. However the snow is just a metaphor for how the social engineers and snowflakes are crippling and changing the UK for ever.

Free speech is under attack and the New Media of Twitter and Facebook is turning us into a nation of PC Pussies too afraid to speak our minds.

300 complaints to Ofcom about "bullying" Iain Lee on I'm a Celebrity is just the tip of a very large iceberg of virtue signalling and cultural Marxism that is aimed at silencing the decent silent majority.

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Hi John,I'm a 58 year old white guy brought up in Slough,had the kids got the mortgage ran my own business for 30 years became an actor gave up because I didn't have the advantages of coming from just up the road in Eton.I moved to Greece a year ago,partly because I started to feel all my British values had been eroded by PC labellers.Just got off the plane and listened to this.Its the best summation of my U.K. I've ever heard.You deserve an award for this monologue.It felt as if I was saying it