Foxhunting is a noble British tradition, it should never have been banned!

The National Trust is trying to sanitise the countryside for middle-class liberal daytrippers from London! I love living in the countryside, and I love foxhunting because it's a noble British tradition that controls vermin! Why are the metropolitan elite trying to turn everywhere into a model of Islington?

I say banning trail fox hunting, which doesn't even involve foxes, on Trust land is ridiculous! My guest Jordi Casamitjana, head of policy and research for the League Against Cruel Sports disagreed with me. He'd go further and ban pursuits like horse riding and fishing!

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Exterminate Exterminate Exterminate, all animals must be Exterminated! LOL

Gaunty. You condemmed the UK Pakistani community for a revival of Cock fighting. Now you are arguing that traditions like Spanish Bull fighting and English Fox hunting are great so who are you to then use tradition as an argument to justify why we should keep fox hunting while condeming the Pakistani tradition of cock fighting.
Clearly Fox hunting is also about brutally killling animals for fun/entertainment rather than controlling numbers humanely & effectively so is just as backwards!!

Fox Hunting is a disgusting barbaric blood sport that needs to be taken more seriously by the law. If animal numbers need controlling then it should be done in the most humane way possible, be it fox, pigeon rat or mouse.
Me and my partner are very disappointed to hear your outdated views on fox hunting and bullfighting Gaunty! Surely if you are against dog and cock fighting you should condem bullfighting!!!!!???