Free Speech under attack. It is wrong to be RIGHT!

Whilst our attention has been on the pantomime of blaming Russia and Putin for all our ills the Government has been banning and deporting any one who has a right of centre view.

That is why Gaunty applauds Tommy Robinson for organising his protest to defend Free Speech at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park London . It wasn't just about the defence of Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern and Martin it was about also defending the right of all us to hold political views and discuss them in public.

I note the event worn off without any real trouble although I do question whether the Muslim man who was attacking people with a stick was arrested or not? The people who assaulted Katie Hopkins should have also had their collars felt, but did they?!

There is a concerted attack by the likes of Hope Not Hate, Antifa, the MSM, and the other lefties to silence anyone who holds a right of centre view or is critical of Islam in any form.

These attacks must be beaten and it is time for the decent silent majority to be heard.

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I just found this site. Used to listen to Jon Gaunt on the radio back in the day.
I am interested to hear Jon's thoughts on Tommy, having just seen Tommy on Infowars!
As I write this, I think, JG is our British AJ! At IW they tell it how it is too.

I agree in part to the prince harry costume but he isn't a comedian he's a member of our royal family, so maybe just a tad silly for him to wear it or though i personally had no problems with it I can see why others did but this comedian is/was just being a comedian it's what he does . I also saw on another tweet that no one had complained about his video where as prince harry they did .

Great point I also thought the attack on Prince Harry when he wore that Costume was stupid too. Jon

What about Freddie star , use to dress as a German to take the pi** ? Most comedians are now gonna have to watch what they it's rediculous.