Gary Lineker, what's wrong with Brexit and our Flag? Skripal's Miracle!?

Lineker was a great footballer but he is a dreadful, ill informed and bigoted social commentator, in Jon Gaunt's opinion.

Gary has been talking to Nick Clegg and said that, “All the people who voted for Brexit have Union Jacks on their twitter handle"

So whats the problem with that Gary? How about all the removers had an EU flag on theirs didn't they.

He says that people call him a traitor and that  this has caused disunity in the UK.

No Gary, may we humbly suggest its people like you who won't accept the democratic will of the people who are creating the Disunited Kingdom?

The Skripal case gets more and more suspicious as now the spy has made a full recovery. Jon wonders how Boris Johnson and Theresa May will change their narrative now?

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Epic 'classic gaunty' rant Jon! Haven't listened for a while. Missed you. Hope you get back to regular radio soon.

Of course I mean Jon Gaunt radio, not common purpose regulated radio!

Happy Royal Wedding weekend!

Anyone would think that the British were the only people to have ever had an empire! Many Continental countries had colonies: Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, for example.

So are the flags of all those countries also 'tainted' by their Imperial past?