Gaunty has a row with UKIP MEP!

UKIP are leaderless, rudderless, and absolutely politically clueless! Anne Marie Waters is one of the party's most prominent activists, so why was she prevented from holding her party leadership launch party in Rotherham? She's blaming the party top brass for trying to force her out of the party because they think her ideas are too extreme, or are they just turning into every other political party? I spoke to UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott about what's going wrong in the party, and we had a bit of a falling out.. Don't miss it!
A three-month-old baby in Nottingham was circumcised against his mother's will by his Muslim grandparents - how is this happening in 21st-century Britain? And how has it taken four years for the courts to finally arrest anybody because of this crime? Why are we pussy-footing around dealing with certain subjects because they affect Islam? I spoke to Richard Duncker, organiser of the anti-male circumcision group Men Do Complain, who has been advising the mother.
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Agree, these people should be called out as the traitors they are. Sadly Britain is the loser - and I can't help feeling that Nigel must be devastated at what has happened since he left, both to Brexit and UKIP. But he knows there is nothing he can do now. Maybe, in the future, if Brexit doesn't happen, he will feel able to rally Britain by leading.

Deirdre, l understand where you come from and l agree with most of what you said ,however Nigel is only human and l will not crucify him for believing . Mrs Thatcher was betrayed by her own tribe . Usually these kind of traitors are no more than losers with a brain cell shared amongst them ,clubing together to eliminate intelligent and charismatic leaders . However the sad results are obvious in what concerned the "pos Mrs Thatcher" , and now UKIP with nasty results to Britain

Hi Manuel. I agree that Nigel is a great politician, in the speech department unparalleled apart from, imo, Churchill. But it will be unpopular I'm sure with many to observe that I think he had just one flaw, which proved fatal. Nigel is not a good judge of character - he allowed himself to believe that those surrounding him were passionate patriots, as he is. He couldn't accept that some had hoodwinked him - that's why he left UKIP - so that others could try to fight them. Sadly, they didn't

UKIP today is the result of its only natural leader having stepped down probably in total desilusion with his own party and the country itself . He gave more than 20 years of his life achieving Brexit and 4 million voters but the electoral system never gave him proper representation . I believe Nigel is one of the best politician Britain has ever produced .Only a nation not proud anymore will allow that such a talent will be denied the WILL of making BRITAIN GREAT again.

Gaunty, Johnathan Arnott is what's wrong with UKIP. Afraid to take a stand on anything - like some of the other UKIP MEP's, they forget they only became MEP's on the back of Nigel's tireless campaigning and UKIP members hard work, and not on their own merit. They are talentless - not all, but many. I'm an Anne Marie supporter - she's got vision, guts, determination and knowledge, and the support of many UKIP members. If she's stopped from standing, mayhem will ensue. Thanks for all you do.