George Orwell Couldn't have imagined where PC Uk has ended up.

This is a cry from the heart.

Free speech and freedom of expression has almost disappeared in the UK.

The controlled MSM are acting like Cucks and the Snowflakes are operating an Orwellian checklist to curtail anyone having a different opinion to the mainstream as dictated by them.

So the argument about Tesco's Christmas advert and Muslims is fake news, as is the new Muslim Barbie.

We are no longer free to give our true opinions for fear of the debate being closed down with scrams of racist, homophobe, Islamophobe etc etc.

The decent silent Majority's opinion is now seen as extreme?!

How have we allowed this to happen. Where are the independent voices and opinions.

Finally after two years of alternative broadcasting I ask the question, shall I carry on?

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Jon. Ever felt misty eyes with Jon . You know when your last hope is in your hands the only hope of survival is good strong government .all governments have sold out in the western world jon. My family is my life . Your show is my light . Your show is the light for all of us to fight with you. You on air. We in public life . Loudly . Jon just say what you need from us, we want to help you, to help us. Sanity. jon , Mon-Fri, tell us what you need we can help radio . SPIT IT OUT. JON,

Another fantastic podcast from Mr Jon Gaunt, essential daily listening for me! Have been listening for month and have consistently been amazed at the quality of subject and the quality and quantity of outstanding guests from Anne Marie Waters to Robert Spencer to Raheem Kassam. Superb!

Carry on Jon. Never be defeated. We need your voice on the airwaves. No one else is speaking for the decent majority of this country. We'll all be here waiting for you to get back on air.

Definitely you should carry on. So much passion in free speech should not be lost.

Also happy to pay a subscription.