Get homeless to re-build our city centres

on was in Stratford Upon Avon last night and saw his usual homeless man sleeping rough in the car park. Jon is outraged that it appears that the Council have taken all the doors off the stairwells to discourage rough sleepers.

Jon Gaunt says this is completely the wrong attitude to the homeless.

Yesterday in the budget we heard no big ideas but Gaunty has got a massive one.

He says we have to accept that the High street is dead and that we have to re-invent the City Centre.

He wants empty shops and offices and warehouse space to be converted into a mix of social housing and cheap housing.

He says we should train the homeless and employ them to help with this transformation.

He says the City Centre has to become a night time destination not a day time time one.

It is a big idea, this might be a mad idea but are you going to carry on  walking past the homeless and just salve your conscience by throwing  a few coins in their hat or shall we all do something to help us all?

Do you agree?

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