Get tough on moped crime. £7.5 Million spent on Skripal case! What a joke.

When is Sadiq Khan going to get his finger out and get on top of the violent crime wave in London demands Jon Gaunt.

Comedian Michael McIntyre is the latest victim to be mugged in broad daylight by the moped morons.

They have no respect no discipline and no fear of authority and these feckless feel youths do not give a toss who they hurt. Now the epidemic is spreading to other cities in the UK with a terrifying attack in Birmingham.

The cultural Marxists have created this problem but the only solution they will have is make a video or open another youth club for three scum.

We need a return to real tough policing and harsh sentences to send out the message that we will not allow our main towns and cities descend in to Third World No Go Areas fr the decent silent majority.

The Police have spent over £7.5 MILLION pounds on the Skripal investigation or as a cynic like Jon might say on trying to cover Boris Johnson massive ass.

He shot his mouth off blaming Putin and Russia much too early in this saga and now it appears the Cops s have not got a clue who did it.

No one died so lets drop the investigation, save money and get on with tackling real crime shall we, like the moped maniacs?

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