Grenfell and Manchester will anything really change?

Jon Gaunt was moved by the emotional testimony and witness statements of the survivors of these two terrible events but he asks the question, will those in power actually do anything to change and stop them happening again?

The terrorist atrocity in Manchester that slaughtered 22 innocents was the work of a man who is connected to a massive terrorist cell that the Security Services are saying is still operating and could or will strike again.

In 12 months what have the Government done to make us safer? We still have an almost open door policy to terror and we are told there at least 23 thousand living amongst us who wish us harm.

Meanwhile the Government has done nothing to stop the foreign funding of radical mosques operating in the UK and they even gave a state visit to the Saudis!

There are deep questions to be asked about Grenfell and every other council or social housing scheme in the country. why have we allowed an underclass to develop in our major cities and why have Politicians of all political persuasion been afraid to tackle it.

These people did not deserve to die in such an horrific manner but there are more people to put in the criminal Dock than just the manufactures of the cladding .

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Spot on Jon, words of truth which msn would never say.
Education should be equal across social divides and enforcement of the law should be blind to colour

Outstanding podcast Jon, thoughtful and insightful.
Totally agree with you on the need for solutions like Manchester & Grenfell.
But with Grenfell why, even yourself, is no one focusing on the actual cause?
We are now told it wasn’t a fridge, so what was it? Where is the guy who disappeared?
I’m sure Youhave focused on this in the past, but it’s being noticeabley ignored now.
Is it subject to a D notice?
Yes the cladding issue is outrageous but it wasn’t the initial cause.