Grenfell Bonfire was no joke. Biased Channel 4 is a disgrace

The Grenfell Bonfire effigy was no joke. It was disgusting but it was not a Hate crime says Jon Gaunt.

Jon can not believe that any one would show such a lack of humanity to think that this could be  good joke but he says it is a crime of stupidity rather than hate.

We certainly don't need three coppers investigating the incident when there is a fifth body lying in the Morgue in the last few days. The family should apologise and it should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Jon thinks though this is symptomatic of the age we are living n where every one seems to be so divided, selfish and rude.

Jon also talks about the incredible bias of last nights Channel 4 programme on Brexit.

How is a publicly funded organisation getting ing away with their blatant EU propaganda he asks?

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Agree with your podcast John, manners is decidedly lacking in some of today's people, they should be forced to listen to the enquiries podcasts and some the the survivors giving evidence, as one human being to another it is heart breaking, and yes i too have bought the book