Grenfell Tower families have been betrayed by the government!

Over two weeks on and many residents of Grenfell Tower, and other high rises around Britain, face an uncertain future! Why doesn't someone in the government or local authorities show some leadership, take over some London hotels and put up the residents for six months? It makes more sense than putting them in luxury flats! Saying that, is it right for David Lammy to be so inflammatory as he has been on social media about the Grenfell Tower blaze? I spoke to former police officer and Surrey crime commissioner Kevin Hurley about why he thinks the Tottenham MP should have waited longer.

Long-haul drivers being terrorised by migrants trying to enter Britain illegally could now face FINES too! £7.8 million worth of fines were handed out over the past twelve months to truck drivers, at a rate of ten a day. Why are the drivers being blamed when they're putting their careers, and even their lives, on the line? I spoke to Kate Gibbs from the Road Haulage Association.
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What I would like to know is? What will replace this burned out shell? Will it be Sold this LAND for big bucks? New private apartments put in its place to make more money!

Hi Jon iPad out of action till this morning so have only just caught up - thanks. Love your show listen live or podcast every day, great guests, speakers and your questioning of us all - don't think I could phone though! Hope it went well today, please tell us again when we can catch you on RT - which I watch for news rather than BBC. Onward and upward! ❤️

Jon today wondering why people aren't more compassionate about the Grenfell Tower victims. I wonder if we Brits are just fed up with what our London now is, compared to what it once was. Do we feel these people aren't 'our' community any longer - that most of London is a place we no longer recognise as Home? That we want to see compassion shown to our homeless, veterans and others, and it's not. That's how I feel, and I'm not a Londoner. Sorry for the people, but nothing more.

This is an excellent point Deirdre and what I've been saying. No matter who the people are who do have to feel a little bit sorry for them lots have had their families burned to death in the fire. Would be good to hear you call up and say this