Grenfell victims' lawyers describe hearing harrowing 999 calls.

Grenfell Tower was an avoidable tragedy, there must be no whitewash! The head of the inquiry into the fire that killed at least 80 and injured dozens has said that it "will provide answers", but two of the lawyers representing the victims' families say that's not enough, there need to be criminal prosecutions. I was joined in the studio by Kieran O'Rourke and Albert Harwood, who told me what it was like having to recordings of the panicked 999 phone calls of residents still trapped in the burning tower.

Ofcom are right about the lack of diversity in British broadcasting, where are all the right wing comedians, or working class voices? Oh, that's right, they don't care about that kind of diversity, they just want to fill their quotas of ethnic minorities and LGBT people. The problem in British media is virtue-signalling groupthink! I spoke to broadcaster and commentator David Vance. 

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