Greta is a pain. EU Collaborators betraying us again. Old Dirty Harry was best!

Jon thinks he has a problem because he just can not warm to the saviour of the World, Greta Thunberg.

Now she is off on a boat to the USA and the MSM are trying to make us worry that  she won't be able to have a shower or use a proper toilet!

Is this the face of concern asks Jon? She made her bed or bunk she can lie in it!

Just who is exploiting this young girl and have you had enough of this global warming nonsense?

Jon also calls out Harry and Megan and says he is fed of their woke agenda and he preferred the old Dirty Harry, smoking, drinking, shagging beer monster didn't you?

Finally Jon is disgusted that Bercow and Hammond and the other EU lickspittles are collaborating with the EU enemy to stop us getting our democratically desire to leave the EU.

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