Guardian columnist wants to tear down "White Supremacist" Nelson's Column!

Leftists in America have been tearing down monuments in the States now seen as "politically incorrect", and now it looks like Britain is following suit! Guardian columnist Afua Hirsch has demanded that Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square is taken down, along with any other statues and monuments that might "glorify" our imperial past! When will we start standing up to these fascists and cultural revisionists? I heard from the broadcaster and commentator David Vance.

What's the best way of stopping Islamist terror? Anti-radicalisation schemes? Locking up jihadis? No, according to our genius politicians, we need to make it harder to hire a van! The government, police and the vehicle rental industry are looking at extra checks on van hiring as a way of preventing attacks like those in Barcelona last week and Nice last year. This idea is bonkers, terrorists won't be stopped until we kill the ideology that inspires them, and that is radical Islam! I spoke to ex-7/7 counter terror detective David Videcette. Check out David's latest novel "The Detriment" out now. 

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Churchill will be next for his comments on Islam.

What utter bollocks by ex counter terrerorist officer, nothing to do with immigration, what planet was he from ? You were right jon, they might of had spanish passports but they were an intake from morroco, the bulk of them, and paris were'nt belgians, they were belgian nationals, and we all know when the media say nationals they actually mean immigrants/refugees carried out the carnage, if this is what he thinks, god help us .