Happy Halal Easter! Russian Spy Farce!

Happy Easter. If Jon is still allowed to say that?

Jon is raging against the usual attacks on the UK's traditional festivities. Not content with demoting Happy Christmas to Seasons Greetings now Sainsbury's are selling eggs without the word Easter on them. They even had a member of staff telling customers the Chocolate eggs and the hen's eggs were Halal!!

When is this PC nonsense going to stop? 

Jon Gaunt wants Halal banned completely in the UK and he does not hold back in this podcast.

The Salisbury Spy nerve gas story is becoming more farcical by th e minute. Yesterday we were told that the victims were in a coma and had one percent chance of survival. Then later in the day news broke that Yulia was getting better. It is a miracle! exclaims Jon Gaunt.

However Jon still thinks that the Government story does not add up. Are we really meant to believe that the nerve gas was on the door and why did it take three weeks to come to this conclusion.

Did Putin really order this operation?


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It's all bollocks Jon...I am ex Armed forces and did yearly NBC training for over 25 years....all the stuff seen on MSM is rubbish....if you only got a pin prick of VX nerve agent on your skin you were dead in 2 to 5 minutes, and allegedly this Novichok is a lot worse so its not adding up what so ever...even worse , if its applied in a gel form (highly unlikely) it then becomes what the call 'persistent', ie: its there for longer as opposed to gassing off as a liquid would do...charlie