Has uncontrolled migration wrecked EU and Europe?

Jon Gaunt is dissecting a piece written by Mark Stone of Sky News about the mass migration that Europe is suffering with at the moment.

Jon is amazed with some of the conclusions Mark is coming to. And Jon says these are exactly the  thing he and Nigel Farage and others were saying years ago and as a result they were called racists and Nazis.

But now as Italy gets hardline along with Trump and Merkal is facing being ousted is the tide turning?

Jon says the policies he advocated years ago although tough were the correct policies and the liberals and the snowflakes are largely responsible fo the deaths in the Med.

This is not Jon ranting and raving but being considered and calm about a problem that has to be addressed but should have been dealt with years and years ago.

We need well controlled and managed immigration and indeed that has made the UK a better place but the uncontrolled migration of the past few years has to stop and we have to recognise that fact that is has been terrible for Western Europe.

Do you agree?


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Nothing is going to change as this is exactly what the eu wants, they haven't factored in someone like Trump though, It's foxed them.

Both open door and multiculturalism are failed projects, the EU needs to change, but I don't think that will happen any time soon, as we've seen during Brexit.