How many more man boy terrorists are in UK?

The Parsons Green Bomber has been found guilty. Ahmed Hassan was given sanctuary, a home, education and hot and cold running benefits here in the UK and he repaid it by trying to blow up 93 people on a Tube train.

We don't even know if this is his real name or that his claim for asylum was genuine. He has made up more stories than the Brothers Grimm and make no mistake this savage, this monster is very grim.

So many warnings were missed by the foster parents, Border force, teachers and social workers but the real blame lies in our chaotic approach to asylum and so called child refugees.

Jon Gaunt remembers the scenes at Lunar House in Croydon where children got off coaches who had better beards than ZZ Top.

The authorities reaction to this real public concern was to simply put up curtains at the the coach doors so we could not see the Man Boys as they entered Lunatic House.

So Gaunty lays the blame for this event firmly at the door of the former Home Secretary and now PM Theresa May. It was May who cut the police, the Border Force, the army etc etc.

The first duty of any Government is the protection of its citizens but this shower in power seem to have lost sight of that.

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Jon, you keep saying its May's fault but in the end if Corbyn had been in charge then we would have even more of these sick B*stards here.