I am Looking Back in Anger NOW!

Another day and another terror attack in the UK

Jon Gaunt is angry very very angry.

He is fed up of being told not to look back in anger and he wants people now to start getting angry.

Angry at the Establishment Elite who seem to be more upset by one of their own talking about banning the Burka than the enemy within and out that actually want to kill us all regardless of our race, gender, religion or age.

It is time for the pussy footing to stop says Gaunty.

Why are we tolerating the fact that there at least 3,000 people in the UK who pose a threat? Why are we letting back in to our country 700 fully trained traitors?

This madness has to stop but we haven't got a real leader in either of the main Political Parties in the UK.

This podcast is Gaunty at his ranting best and is short and sweet and straight to the point.

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Just seen the BBC coverage of this attack on TV this morning. Less than 30 seconds. A total of over THREE BLOODY HOURS, last week, about Boris Johnson and a perfectly legitimate remark about HIS OPINION of a stupid item of clothing. Lets face it: whilst the media in this country is dominated by the Marxist controlled N.U.J., nothing is going to change.