I am on the Bus with Nigel Farage. Let's fight for our Country.

Jon Gaunt says, in this stunning thirty minute speech, that he is firmly on the bus with Nigel Farage to fight to get our country back and make sure we get the Brexit we voted  for.

Jon wants all those on the Right,  including UKIP, Anne Marie Waters and Tommy Robinson to put their differences aside and fight for freedom.

Every one needs to be on this bus with no ego involved.

Theresa the appeaser must be stopped before she completes her betrayal of Britain.

Do you agree with Jon.

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Jon, FARAGE didn't get BREXIT did he? He got us a REFERENDUM and leave won it, He should of known better ,and i can't believe he could be so naive in thinking that the Traitor class would honour the democratic will of the 17.5 million but he walked away before we got any real victory , and things have moved on since he walked away dealing with ISLAM is as important as BREXIT is but we all know he will not do anything about ISLAM