I don't believe the Skripal story and Boris has to go after hoax call

Jon Gaunt says he does not believe one word the Government and the MSM are telling the British Public about the Salisbury poisoning case.

The parading of Yulia Skripal was so obviously a put up job that Theresa May and Boris Johnson must think we are stupid.

Why are they doing it?

And just when you think the plot and the story can not get any more stupid or farcical Boris the Clown take a hoax phone call from someone claiming to be the Armenian Prime Minister and he slags off Russia again to him.

Boris must go now and the Government needs to stop treating the people with utter contempt.

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Hi Gaunty! Excellent analysis of the Skripal case. I always thought it was dodgy from day one. The speed with which they rolled out the 'Russia Russia Russia' line tipped me off.

Enjoy the bank hols!

P.S. Are you planning to talk about Tommy Robinson anytime soon?


Grinchess x