I don't care if Boris is a shagger! Red meat propaganda. Eat it.

Jon Gaunt is fed up of UK politics as it seems to have degenerated into discussions on whether Boris Johnson can keep it in his trousers or not!

Frankly the MSM is a disgrace and they are playing the Remainiacs game for them and it disgusts Gaunty.

Discussion about Boris' sex life or use of the word Humbug is ridiculous as our country is being sold down the river and democracy is billing killed off!

News today that red meat and the dangers of eating have been over exaggerated do not surprise Jon and he states that we have been lied to for over fifty years about good animal fats so as to promote cereals and ultra-processed junk food.

Jon is revealing in the fact that the BBC are chains on their vegan diet as they have to report this new scientific study.

This is Jon in full flow and is a podcast you do not wish to miss!

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