I don't want to "keep calm" about Islamist terror, I am furious!

I'm fed up of all this "keep calm and carry on" BS in the wake of the Manchester attack, are you? Now isn't the time to have a cup of tea, now's the time to fight back! Candlelit vigils didn't defeat Nazism in the 1930s, and they won't defeat the Islamist fascists now! It's all very well for our politicians to preach about staying calm and tolerance, they have armed police protecting them around the clock!

One man who's as furious as me is the broadcaster and commentator David Vance. Have a listen to what he had to say, this man always talks complete sense!

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After the latest terror attack I am bloody furious. Shut the mosques, shut the faith schools WE are a Christian country let's act like one, Theresa May must come out and say we will have a nativity plays, we celebrate Xmas and Easter WE MUST STOPY PUSSYFOOTING AROUND THIS
WE ARE AT WAR!!!!!!!!!

Hi Jon
I will be spoiling my ballot paper nobody to vote for it would odf being ukip but not while they have suzanne evans if they had Anne Marie Waters in the party i would vote for them like a shot

We need to look back to the Glorious Revolution of 1688 as an example of how a religious threat was dealt with. Unfortunately it means that most of the Muslim community is going to have to take some heat and discrimination, as was done to enemy citizens during WW2, but less severely. I say unfortunately because it's something I don't really want to see happen.

Hi Jon
Just signed up.

Thanks to lady on spoiling ballot paper. Thinking of doing that. Too many people have died to give me that privilege.
Keep on keeping on.