Iain Fail "Misleading" Britain's Conversation with MSM chums

Jon Gaunt says he is fed up of the Lamestream media and their lies and deception over the big stories of the day.

Following a spat on Twitter today between Gaunty and Iain Dale where Iain accused Jon of being told what to say by his "Russian"paymasters, Jon answers back.

Iain Fail was unaware, he claims, of the DA or D notice that the Government has imposed on the Skripal poisoning case, which Alex Thomson from Channel 4 News tweeted about on March 12.

Dale is not alone though as all of his colleagues in the controlled MSM have slavishly followed and swallowed the ridiculous Government narrative that has been spun over the poisoning.

But Dale arrogantly dismissed Jon's statement of fact about it and refused to back down.

Similarly when Jon pushed him on the Syrian Chemical attack it is clear that Iain has not read the excellent articles by Robert Fisk and Peter Hitchens that says this attack never happened.

It seems to be that real talk radio would discuss this and decent talk radio presenters would at least be aware of various narratives?

Jon has laid down a challenge to Iain Dale and LBC let him on to discuss the issues but hey don't hold your breath.

This is why Jon says that you can not trust the MSM any more and why you should question the fake news they pump out.

This podcast isn't about a spat between 2 radio hosts this is much much more important as it is about the truth we are being allowed to hear or not.

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