Ignore PC Top Cop I'm proud of my English Flag, Culture and History

The UK's Top Football cop, Mark Roberts, has told English Football fans not to wave, fly or display their Cross of Saint George Flags in Russia this summer at the FIFA World Cup.

He says it is Imperialistic"

He is correct but unlike this PC PC Gaunty is proud of his flag, his country and it's History.

We did have a great Empire and yes there were things wrong with it but we need less of this Cultural Marxist Common Purpose rewriting of our History.

Jon says that this Copper would never think of saying this kind of snowflake nonsense to the Welsh, Irish or the Scottish.

How come every other Country can be proud of their flag except the English.

This is a full on attack podcast and you must listen

 to the full 50 minute rant. It is Gaunty at his best.


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