Is Jacob Rees Mogg the right man to lead Britain?

I say Jacob Rees Mogg is an out-of-touch toff, but for many on the right, he's held up as the shining light of the Tory party! In a recent poll by grassroots conservative website Conservative Home, Mogg came third in a poll of possible future leaders, despite not even being on the list! I spoke to the Executive Editor for Conservative Home Mark Wallace to find out if he's caught on to #Moggmentum yet.

Charlottesville is being used as a stick to beat not just Donald Trump, but everybody to the right of Bernie Sanders! Why is the whole sorry situation being exploited now? I went live to the States to speak to Jack Posobiec, author of the book 'Citizens for Trump'.

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JRM will never be the leader of the Tories whilst I still have a hole in my mouth. He appears to represent the Brexiteers, is very intelligent and Charismatic. He has a family and holds real conservative values. Sounds like a Bio of Nigel Farage.
With this in mind, what similarities does he have with his party? They wouldn't support him as leader because he'd take us out of the EU in accordance with the original Referendum terms. He represents 'Us' and not 'Them'.
I think he's Ace!