It's time the UK enshrined free speech in law!

I've well and truly got a bee in my bonnet over free speech in the UK today after Kelvin MacKenzie got the boot from the Sun. I may not agree with everything Kelvin says, in fact, I disagree with quite a lot of it, but we cannot go around sacking newspaper columnists for being controversial! It's their job! 

Now it's being reported that a top Texan Congressman, John Culberson has waded into the discussion about shock jock Michael Savage being banned from the UK under "hate-speech" laws. What a load of rubbish! I say let anyone and everyone be able to speak in the UK and if they break any of our laws, such as inciting violence, lock 'em up! We can't go around banning people from our country just because what they say is different to the mainstream.

I spoke to Colin Madine, journalist at Breitbart Texas who was absolutely shocked at the complete lack of free speech we have in this country and I agreed! The UK should have freedom of speech enshrined in LAW!

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Comments the home of free speech

This is so important. It is actually part of the Human Rights Act and EHCR (Article 10) but is not enforced properly. I think the text could do with improving, using the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution as an example. I'll leave the reader to look up the actual texts of these documents.