Jeremy Corbyn is a stinking hypocrite!

Jeremy Corbyn lied about writing off student debt to win over the students, and now he's lying again, saying he never made the promise to begin with! Jeremy Corbyn is just another stinking, hypocritical politician, saying anything to get elected! My snowflake producer Sam doesn't agree, however. He thought he could take me on and prove that his hero Corbyn hadn't sold out! Have a listen, he thinks he's beaten me!
Education secretary Justine Greening wants to force the Church of England to allow gay marriages in their churches. Is she going to be taking this issue up with British imams as well? I don't think so! She also wants transgender people to be allowed to identify as whatever gender they say they are, regardless of medical checks! Has the Tory party lost its mind? I spoke to Caroline Farrow, columnist at The Conservative Woman and Catholic broadcaster and journalist.
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To clarify student "loans" as they been touted by MSM & politicians in a misleading fashion.
These are written off after 30 years. Graduate only pays back 9% of earnings above £21,000. (So someone earning £31k only pays £900pa).
Most will never pay ALL back and so interest charge is irrelevant to majority.
Doesn't count towards credit scoring.
(I heard reports of someone turning down a pay rise as they thought they'd be worse off; utter rubbish.)