Jeremy Kyle's show is brilliant.

Jon Gaunt is amazed, but not surprised that the Twitter mob and the Middle Class Luvvies in the media have acted as our Moral Guardians and got Jeremy Kyle's show taken off and are now intent on killing his career.

Of course Jon's thoughts are with the family of the man who has died but wouldn't it be better to wait fo the Coroner's report before apportioning blame? The witch hunt is on.

Plus Jon makes the valid point that the show acted as an escape valve for ordinary people to get resolutions to their problems. These people all gave consent to be on the show and to compare Kyle to Love Island is frankly ridiculous.

Now we are told that the Prime Minister is concerned? Well join the crowd Theresa May! We are all concerned with your delusion and latest attempt to divert attention away from the Brexit balls up you have created. A group of MP's are now going to look in to reality shows? Have they got nothing more important t do? They need to get a sense of bloody perspective.

Let's be honest, Jeremy Kyle is more in touch with real people than any of the self serving pigs in Westminster will ever be.

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