Jihadi with 2 Council Flats. Life should mean life.

Jon Gaunt is raging about the story of the UK Jihadist who has two council flats paid for by the British Tax Payer! Mohammad Abid was convicted at the Old Bailey on terror charges but only got 4 and a half years. The ringleader of the gang got 25 years .

Jon thinks both sentences are too low as these monsters were brainwashing boys as young as 11 to become suicide bombers in London. The targets were the London Eye, Westminster and Tower Bridge.

The UK's soft justice system is also highlighted by the controversy around the black Cab rapist paroles fiasco.

John Worboys was going to be released after only serving 10 years for rape. That decision has now been overturned which Gaunty applauds but Jon believes the question of his release should never have come up as he should have been sent down for life and life should mean life.

If you agree get in touch with Jon at jon@jongaunt.com

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Someone has friends with ' benefits' on the council methinks. Is a 'right to buy' involved in this as well perchance, just to rub it in.