Jihadist's aren't human and have no rights. Name Worcester 4 NOW. Sugar is killing us.

Stop moaning about the weather, shouts Jon Gaunt in this brilliant and fast moving and controversial podcast.

Jon is astounded that MP's wasted time discussing whether we should object to the USA executing two Jihadis who slaughtered hostages in Syria. 

Get a life Shami and Diane Abbott these monsters are not humand and they certainly don't have any rights.

Jon also talks about this alarming new study that says that sugar is clearly linked to Dementia and Alzheimers. Jon through his www.simpleasfat.com website is trying to tell people that the white stuff is more addictive than crack cocaine and that we have to ditch it now.

Finally Jon is demanding to know the names of the four savages that threw acid in the face of a three year old.

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