Jon Gaunt and David Vance talk May Betrayal and Tommy Demo.

This is a first!

Jon Gaunt is joined by David Vance to discuss the total betrayal over the Brexit deal and in particular the treatment of Northern Ireland.

David believes that Theresa May will be gone within eight or ten days.

They also discuss the future of UKIP and the row over Tommy Robinson working with Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage walking out of the party.

They also discuss if there will be riots if the will of the people is ignored by the Political Establishment Elite.

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We are watching the DEATH of democracy in the UK, politicians say they are taking back control, but we all know this means taking control from the people and keeping it for themselves, because they gave the control to the people on the 23rd June 2016 and we rocked there world to the core, this made them sh1t there pants and they dont want this again.

The MSM get there talking point from the corrupt politicians and repeat repeat repeat till it becomes the truth. No one but No one is falling for it this is a full betrayal of very single person in the country. I have said from the very point of her deal she will be gone with in 7 days of Tuesdays vote.