Jon Gaunt is back to attack the Biased Lefty controlled MSM

Jon Gaunt has been away for too long. But now he is back. In this podcast he explains where he has been but more importantly where he is going. 

However it wouldn't be Gaunty if he didn't take a few pot shots at the MSM and our useless politicians.

He praises Donald Trump for dragging North Korea to the negotiation table and wishes that the UK had a Leader like him who put the British first and wanted to make the UK great again.

The podcasts and the videos start for real on Monday March 12. Please subscribe and spread the word.

If you want to help Gaunty fight back against the corrupt Establishment and the controlled media then please visit his website and donate via the paypal button.

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Hi Jon,
been trying to make second donation, but wants me toopen pay pal account which i dont want to do, so unable to donate, any ideas please,

Hi Jon, nice to hear your views again, you say what so many of us believe. Good luck with the new plans, I look forward to listening.

Happy days can’t wait until Monday bring it on jon. I have been so depressed without you but now I have you to look forward to Ziggi xxx

Jon, you need to set up a Bitchute channel as well and out your videos up there as well as YouTube you need to have multiple video outlets, don’t just rely on YouTube as they have been restricting Conservative content YouTubevalso need to lose subscribers too teach them a lesson, they do not have the power, the people, their subscribers have the power

Glad you'll soon be shooting from the lip again Jon

Great to have you back Jon - we need your views as the only credible alternative to the biased MSM! Can’t wait to get listening next week. Will donate in the morning!! Onwards and upwards!! Best wishes. Gordon

Good to have you back again Jon.

Quick question - will there be a new app to download and listen through? It was handy to have and the ability to download missed shows to listen when on the move without internet access...

...I do a lot of traveling by plane and used to stock up on downloads beforehand.

Curtis, I have just downloaded a App called PodBean (Android) did a search for Jon and the clicked follow. Hope this helps

Thanks for the podcast Jon, i needed that. Welcome back, it's like going back 3 years ago.

Well come back Jon we have all missed you. Glad you are feeling much better