Jon I'm stuck in Spain with my wife and dog! #coronavirus

A few weeks ago when of Jon Gaunt's best mates called him and told him was driving to his small apartment in Spain to escape all the nonsense surrounding #Coronavirus

Robbie is now trapped in Southern Spain and can't work out if he should drive back or not? It is a 5 day drive. He can't fly because of the dog? What should he do? Will the tunnel be open? 

He is keeping his chin up and at least he is not in hotel which will close down throughout Spain next week.

He is now in a lockdown and he describes what he feels like to be trapped in paradise!

However he agrees with the Spanish Government's actions and say that the UK should also go into lockdown too.

This is just one family's Coronavirus story and is great way to understand how the world has changed in these last few weeks.

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