Kay Burley, Sky News and it was the Russians wot done it...again!

Jon Gaunt says he can't believe that we are going to have another five or six weeks of this political mud slinging and nonsense.

He believes that Kay Burley was biased this morning when she 'no platformed' the Tory Chairman who says he was not booked to appear on her programme. Either way Gaunty believes that she forgot that she is meant to be impartial.

The bias to the left of the BBC ad Sly News has to stop now.

Then we had the spectacle of Boris accusing Corbyn of being in bed with the Russians and the Labour accused the Tories of a cover up over the Russian dossier! 

This is all madness. this is why we voted for Brexit. Because we hate and distrust all of the shower in the Commons.]

Do you agree?

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