Keith Vaz! Election will NOT drain the swamp.

Jon Gaunt is back from India and is in fine form. He states that slimeball Vaz should be kicked out of Parliament and given at least a six month prison sentence not just another slap on the wrist. 

Vaz is everything that is wrong with the House of Muppets. He is a self serving pig who does not believe that the laws and the morals of the UK apply to him.

Corbyn should sack him.

Jon also does not believe that the General Election will actually drain the swamp unless Boris Johnson does a deal with Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party as we will just end up with the same sorts of people in the Commons or even a hung Parliament.

He says it is time for Boris and Nigel to drop their egos and put the country first.

This is a cracking podcast.

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