Khan and Dick must go! Day for Freedom media blackout!

63 murders in London since the New Year. The time for talking and snowflake analysis is over, the kid gloves need to come off and we need to fight fire with fire.

Cressida Dick and Sadiq Khan are clearly not up to the job and need to be replaced immediately.

Those in power need to start valuing our passport and making it more difficult for people to live in the UK.

We need a return to discipline in the schools and at home. Britain is turning into a sh1thole and we need urgent and drastic measures NOW.

The absence of any real MSM coverage of the Day for Freedom march and demo clearly illustrates just how disconnected the Establishment Elite are from the people in the UK. They should be listening but just like Brexit they are ignoring the people.

Jon Gaunt is at his ranting best. Do not miss this episode.

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Absolutely right today Jon