Lee Rigby Killer should be dead not released. Mass terrorist release in UK

What a weekend for crazy but dangerous stories?

Jon Gaunt is disgusted that a lecturer from Birmingham University thinks that Jihadi Brides, Jihadists and their children should be allowed to come back and live in the UK.

Katherine Brown says we have a responsibility to them. Gaunty says that we do not have any responsibility to Traitors.

Jon moves on to one of Lee Rigby's killer who now wants to say sorry to Lee's family for trying to decapitate him on a London Street.

This man should not be given the oxygen of publicity and in fact Jon would have denied him any oxygen at all as he should have been executed for this heinous crime. Do you agree?

Jon also talks about the fact that there is going to be a mass release of convicted terrorists this year, including Anjem Choudray as they finish their sentences.


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