Let's wipe that smug smile off Tusk's face and WALK away!

Jon Gaunt is fuming that Donald Tusk can try and humiliate our Great Nation again!

Jon says we must now walk away from the EU on WTO terms and tell them to stick the £39 BILLION where the sun don't shine.

Jon also thinks both Tusk and Juncker showed a degree of panic today so now we need a leader to really exert more pressure by  walking away.

That is why Theresa May still has to go. Her deal is dead and so is her leadership of the UK.

Clearly we the people voted for Brexit so we want a Brexiteer in Number 10 and we should have been out of the EU ages ago.

Jon is also delighted that Donald Trump is coming to the UK in December to mark the 70th anniversary of Nato and Jon wants no repeat of the demonstrations when he last came, but he is not holding his breath with Sadiq Khan in charge of London.

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