Liam Neeson is innocent. Jihadi Doctors are Traitors.

The world has gone mad and the MSM are full of fake news.

Sky News are interviewing three Jihadist nut jobs in Syria who are afraid they will be executed by Syria.

They are bleating that they want to come back to the UK. These men are Doctors not brainwashed teenagers. They knew what they were doing when they left the UK and as far as Jon Gaunt is concerned they are traitors.

why are Sky News acting as a propaganda machine for Islamic State asks Jon?

Meanwhile the accusation that Liam Neeson is a racist just for being honest is outrageous. The Power of the Twitterati has to be diminished says Jon as the mob is acting like Judge and Jury in too mans cases.

Jon is in cracking form in this podcast and if you would like to support him please do so here,

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