Liberals hate Trump for keeping his campaign promises! 2nd June

Trump said he'd put American jobs first over the interest of his allies, so why is anyone surprised he's pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement? He's the first President in decades who has actually put his manifesto into action in his first few months, that's why liberals hate him! Nick Margerrison, standing in for Jon Gaunt, spoke to Caroline Russell, spokesperson for the Green Party, to find out why she thinks Trump's decision is a disaster for the UK and for the world!
The 22 murdered at a pop concert in Manchester deserve revenge, not a virtue-signalling pop concert! Ariana Grande has returned to Manchester for a star-studded concert this weekend, saying "we won't let hate win," but don't we let hate win when we respond to an act of war by waving peace signs and doing nothing? Nick spoke to terrorism security expert Mike Yardley.
What has Nick Clegg been smoking? The former Deputy Prime Minister, writing in the British Medical Journal, says that legalising cannabis in the UK would improve public health. Is this a serious idea, or just a doomed bid by the Liberal Democrats to win over student voters? Nick was joined by Julian Huppert, Lib Dem candidate for Cambridge.
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