Lidl photoshop crosses out of their packaging to avoid offence!

German supermarket Lidl has been caught erasing the crosses of the iconic Anastasis Church in Santorini, Greece, which appears on some of its products, including Greek-style yogurt. A spokesman said "we avoid the use of religious symbols because we do not wish to exclude any religious beliefs". This isn't sensitivity, this is capitulation! I spoke to Oliver Lane, deputy editor of Breitbart London. And if you think this story is mad, wait until you hear the one about the woman in Australia who wants to rename Father's Day "Special Person's Day"!

Security sources have warned that the threat from homegrown Jihadists is now at unprecedented levels, with significant numbers of people being directly encouraged of instructed to carry out attacks. Our homegrown Jihadists are now more of a threat than the Jihadists returning from Syria! I spoke to Kyle Orton, research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society. 

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Islam has been and continues to be at war with non Muslims. The war will end when the whole world is Islamic according to their ideology. They divide the world into the house of Islam and the house of war, we live in the house of war!

Problem is most non Muslims don't even realise we are at war or that Islam doesn't even pose a problem, thinking that just a few Muslims have perverted the religion while in truth they are "good' Muslims following Islam to the letter.

Couldnt grasp kyle ortons point of view regarding jihadi's and the threat of islamic terror in europe, firstly saudi hasnt cleaned up its act its just hiding it better, and iran, we've known about since ayatollah khomeni in the 70's, he, kyle, sounded more like a guardian journalist