LIVE FROM BOSTON – Independent journalist says Sharia Law would have prevented Weinstein

A journalist in the Independent says that the way to stop perverts like Harvey Weinstein is Sharia Law. Yes, really… Qasim Rashid, a US-based lawyer, argues that the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad can inform our culture and make it less abusive to women.

Is it just a coincidence that a majority share of the Independent was recently bought up by a wealthy businessman from Saudi Arabia, where women have only just been allowed to drive? I spoke about this nonsense to the UKIP MEP for London Gerard Batten. Are UKIP the party to get tough on Islamism?

The MSM has been trying to pin links to Russian hacking on Donald Trump for over a year, but now it turns out it was Obama who knew about the scandal all along! Shocking revelations in the States have revealed that the administration knew about Russian involvement in bribery and extortion in a uranium deal with the US back in 2009. But they still OK’d the deal in 2010. What does this latest twist mean? I spoke to the founder of Rebel Media Ezra Levant.

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I would like to say Congratulations to Cov City used to live in Warwick by the canal and Lapworth worked in Cov . Many friends who were supporters good luck in the first div may see you play my team soon but you will have to be quick we will be in Prem next year -PNE

Sorry again but this is a real idiot Quasim Raschid ( but he probably believes it and he is probably right if she was muslim but not if she was an infidel like all the young girls in many towns and cities in our sceptered isle) --oh and sorry again Weinstein has not been convicted and having listened to one supposed victims/witness 24yo there was no rape or violence involved just him being a letch and her not bolting for the door when she got concerned as she said which she should've .