LIVE FROM WASHINGTON DC - Cambridge lecturer rows with Gaunty over "too white" course

Are the courses at our top universities "too white" and in need of "decolonising"? Cambridge University English academics may soon have to contain more ethnic minority writers, after the student union women's officer Lola Olufemi wrote a letter about the faculty.

More BME writers is no bad thing, but will this mean that some of the classics are excluded? I spoke to Priyamvada Gopal, academic and lecturer at Cambridge, to hear why she thinks the English curriculum is too white. I wanted to hear what she had to say, but she was more interested in having a row!

Right wing men are physically stronger and more alpha male than our weedy liberal compatriots! Obviously you'd only have to look at me - my body is a temple - to know that this is true, but is there some sort of psychological reason for this? I spoke to legendary US talk radio host and true alpha male, Cigar Dave!

The rock n' roll and blues pioneer Fats Domino has died at the age of 89. Famed for classic hits like Blueberry Hill and Ain't That A Shame, he went on to sell 77 million records. I spoke to his local music radio station, WWOZ in New Orleans, and their general manager Beth Arroyo-Utterback, to find out why Fats was such a star, both across the world, and in his home town of New Orleans!

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Ms Gopal only called you darling because you patronised her. Personally l thinks she, like Hawk gave brilliant knowledgeable insight into their chosen